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Chinese Porcelain Flambé Bottle Vase Marked 景德镇

Chinese Porcelain Flambe Bottle Vase Marked 景德镇 Truncated bottle shaped vase with violet-blue flambé glaze with streaks and flashes of red. Glaze thins to violet red and then to brownish-white at the mouth. Unglazed foot rim shows white, fine-textured biscuit. Base is dressed with caramel colored glaze.  ‘Orange peel’ surface and overall craquelure. Heavy for […]


ANTIQUE CHINESE FLAMBE BOWL The glaze on this flambe bowl is exceptional! It measures 3″ tall and 9 3/4″ across. There is a fine hairline crack in the bottom; it still “rings true” when tapped and is solid, no other issues. There is fine crazing visible under magnification.