Okimono – Elephant ivory – Raro ed eccezionale – Kose no Kanaoka 巨勢金岡 – Firmato con kao 花押 Gyokushinsai 玉心斎 – Scuola di Kyoto – Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912)

Large and heavy one-piece ivory okimono of exceptional size for its width and weight, depicting Kose no Kanaoka 巨勢金岡 with scroll and branch with peach tree and pumpkin-shaped container, with kimono and very refined floral motifs in relief.
Excellent workmanship, carved from a large tusk tip.
Oval base with signature engraved with kao 花押 Gyokushinsai 玉心斎 framed by a fine engraving. Kyoto school.

Kose no Kanaoka 巨勢金岡 was a court painter active at the beginning of the 10th century. It was during his period that Japanese painting began to differ from the Chinese style. He was mainly celebrated for his highly realistic depictions of horses. His paintings of horses were so realistic that a legend began to spread that a horse came out of one of his canvases and ate the grass of the Ninnaji Temple.

1,450 g.

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