Okimono – Elephant ivory – Takarabune 宝船 Sette Saggi (Shichi Fukujin) – Firmato Mitsuharu – Japan – Meiji period (1868-1912)

Monobloc ivory okimono depicting Takarabune with the seven sages of good luck (Shichi Fukujin).
Each of them symbolizes a virtue: honesty, luck, dignity, kindness, longevity, happiness and wisdom. With them they also have treasures, brocade scrolls, books on wisdom and life. Mitsuharu engraved signature.

Very good condition

The Takarabune is a legendary ship that crosses the skies of the seven gods of fortune.
Inside there are takaramono, or “treasure objects”, including the invisibility cap, the brocade rolls, the inexhaustible bag, the books of wisdom and life, the magic hammer, the lucky raincoat, the dress of the angel and the bag of fortune.

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