Hanging scroll – Silk, resin – Tachihara Kyosho (1786-1840) – Very fine scroll with six rats, signed – including tomobako – Japan – Edo Period (1600-1868)

achihara Kyosho (1786-1840) was a painter of the late Edo period from Mito Domain. He was a nanga painter. His father was a famous confucian, Suiken Tachihara. Primarily he learned painting from the monk Gessen, and later became a student of Tani Buncho. He was friend with other famous painters and literati, like Kazan Watanabe and Tsubaki Chinzan among others. Tachihara Kyosho was respected both as a painter and samurai.
His works could be found in many museums such as Tokyo National Museum, Harvard Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, Princeton University Art Museum,…

With tomobako.

Roller ends: resin.


Scroll: 148.5 x 41 cm
Picture: 53 x 30 cm

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