Byobu, Folding screen – Brass, Silk, Wood – Oka Takashi – Joyful & elegant screen depicting various plants & fish in a pond painted in rare Taisho style – Japan – Shōwa period (1926-1989)

Very elegant two panel byobu – screen with a polychrome nicely detailed painting depicting various plants with white flowers in and around a pond with small fish and bigger fish. This summer scene is painted in typical Taisho style. Art nouveau looking this style was pre-dominant about 100 years ago in Japan. In the center of the painting white saxifrage (yukinoshita, Saxifraga stolonifera also known as Strawberry Geranium). Other plants are white lily (yuri), bracken (shidakusa) and a white hydrangea shrub (ajisai).
There are many joyful details in the picture. Like in the right upper corner of the painting water is running down from a bamboo spout and the fish in the pond are enjoying this. In the lower part there is a small fish jumping high out of the water. On the island in the middle there is a small frog or toad sitting still in the summer heat.
The painting is signed with a seal: Oka Takashi. The black wooden frame is reinforced on the corners with brass hardware.
Total width: 185 cm; ( 2 x 92,5 cm), Height: 183,5 cm.

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