Charger – Celadon, Longquan – Porcelain – Fish – LARGE LONGQUAN CHARGER – China – Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

A large, very fine charger from the Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

The charger is sturdily potted and very heavy, and it is covered throughout (except the foot) glazed with a thick matt celadon “Longquan” glaze in a nice shade of jade green.

The open rim of the charger is decorated with a chevron motif and ribbed both inside and outside. In the centre medailon is a classic motif with three swimming fish.

The motif of fish symbolizes wealth and prosperity, as the word fish is pronounced in Chinese in the same way as the world abundance and plenty.

The bowl was part of the collection belonging to the German Sinologist, Andreas Holter (1946-2017). Mainly interested in Chinese ceramics and porcelain, he often cooperated with German museums, and his collection included unusual pieces of Chinese and Vietnamese ceramics, including many he personally collected in Japan.

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