97# – 108# rare Hermès Scarf






97.Hermès silk scarf, Cavaliers d’Or, black and gold.

98.Hermès Paris Joker scarf

99.Hermès – Bandana in pure blue silk, printed with ice crystals, mistletoe branches and holly. The border is decorated with characters engaged in winter activities skiing, sledding, skating, snow games.

100.Hermès – La Trève de l’eau – Scarf






101.Hermès – Halte en Camargue – Scarf

102.Hermès – L’Océan – Scarf

103.Beautiful hand-rolled scarf from Hermès

104.Hermès – Exercices pour former la main – Scarf






105.Hermès – noël au 24 faubourg – Scarf

106.Hermès – L’hiver – Scarf

107.HermèsHermes raro ‘Au fil de là soie ’ nuovo con box originale etichetta composizione Hermes – Scarf

108.Hermes square scarf 65% cashmere 35% silk

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