85# – 96# Vases ( Exclusive chinese art / porcelain )







85.A copper-red-glazed vase (Yuhuchunping), Qianlong seal mark and period – 清乾隆 紅釉玉壺春瓶 – 《大清乾隆年製》款

86.A lime-green-ground iron-red ‘bats’ vase (Yuhuchunping) – Qing dynasty, 19th century 清十九世紀 綠地礬紅彩描金雲蝠紋玉壺春瓶

87.A pair of large famille-rose ‘lotus and fruit’ vases, Qing dynasty, 19th century

88.A pair of doucai ‘floral’ vases, Early 20th century







89.A large blue and white ‘lotus and eight Buddhist emblems’ vase (Tianqiuping), Qing dynasty, 19th century

90.A blue-glazed baluster vase, Qing dynasty, 18th – 19th century

91.A blue-glazed cong-form handled vase, Guangxu mark and period

92.A blue and white ‘prunus and cracked ice’ baluster jar, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period






93.A blue-glazed underglaze-blue-decorated vase, Qing dynasty, Kangxi period

94.A blue and white ‘phoenix’ meiping, Late Ming dynasty

95.A rare small black-glazed handled vase, Northern Song – Jin dynasty

96.A white-glazed soft-paste vase, 17th – 18th century

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