85# – 96# rare Hermès Scarf






85.A silk scarf – Carré by Hermès.

86.Hermès – Springs by Phillipe Ledoux – Scarf

87.THE KEYS van Hermes scarf

88.Hermès – ard Hermrabesques – Scarf






89.Hermès silk scarf Covertures et tenues de Sour pour l’ecurie, the attentive, et la presentation, original, vintage from the 80s

90.A lovely Hermès scarf Casse Noisette Nutcrackers in a spectacular colour palette of forest green, golden ochre and the shades of brown.

91.Carré Hermès Carpe Diem – Gloria Soli -This Hermès scarf made by Joachim Metz in 1994 is gold and burgundy

92.Hermes silk foulard – Designer Francoise de la Perrière – Production period 1965 – 1966






93.Hermès – PARIS QUI ROULE – Scarf

94.Hermes Carrosserie silk scarf

95.Hermès pink – green silk ladies scarf

96.Hermès – Oiseaux Migrateurs – Scarf – Cathy Latham, 1977



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