73# – 84# rare Hermès Scarf






73.Hermès – rug – kilim – carpet – Scarf

74. rare Hermès en excellent etat quelque petites taches Robert Dallet 1994 twill imprimé de soie

75.Magnificent Hermès scarf in silk twill entitled Gloire d’Alexandre, designed by artist Julie Abadie in 2005. One and only edition, therefore rare and sought after. Hand rolled. French made

76.Hermès – Promemade de Longchamps Hermes scarf






77.Hermès – VOLTAIRE par Loic Dubigeon, recherché – Scarf

78.Hermes silk scarf

79.Hermès – VIVENDI-Logo du groupe, Collector, rare – Scarf

80. Hermès – Pure silk foulard with olive green border, printed with ice skating scenes.






81.Hermès – Marine et Cavalerie par Ledoux, 1966 – Scarf

82.A collector’s Hermès carré Le charme des plages normandes II in a spectacular pastel blue,

83.Hermès silk scarf La Berline d’or, original, vintage from the 1980s.

84.In the Hermes color orange, a very classic pattern, which is loosened up on the back in matching colors with another pattern and thus looks very sporty.


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