61# – 72# rare Hermès Scarf






61.A lovely collectionners Hermès scarf Alphabet III in a very green palette of grass green, light greens and browns.

62.A Hermès scarf Brides de Gala Gala Bridle in light colour palette of light blue, cream amd browns.

63.This Hermes silk scarfe titled Le Mors a la Conetable by Henri d’Origny is in a good condition with a few light runs and small marks being seen in some areas.

64.HermèsLe Timbalier by Francoise Heron – Scarf






65.Hermès silk scarf by artist Kermit Oliver (1943-), American painter, the only American artist to have created designs for Hermès, representing Native Americans

66.Hermès – brocaded silk scarf – Drawing by Philippe Ledoux – From the series on Napoleon, recounting his life

67.Magnificent Hermès scarf in silk twill entitled Les blés, designed by the artist Hugo Grygkar in 1955, reissued in 1990, 1998, 2006. Rolled by hand. French made

68.HermèsBorstzak zakdoek – Accessory – scarf






69.Hermès – Boogie Woogie by Sophie Koechlin – Scarf

70.Twilly by Hermès in silk with parure des maharadjas motif.

71.Rare Hermes Scarf carre ‘titled’ Danses des Indiens ‘year 1999 designed by Kermit Oliver the only American designer of Hermes who dedicated his carré’ to the natives of America.

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