Large ‘touhu’ arrow vase – Meng Haoran on a donkey – China – circa 1900

A beautiful large Chinese porcelain vase in a rare model, a so-called ‘Touhu arrow vase’. The vase has a bamboo-shaped neck and two bamboo-shaped handles at the side. The vase has a continuous decoration of Meng Haoran with a long coat, seated on a donkey with long ears. Behind him is a page, walking with a prunus branch. The scene is set in a rocky winter landscape with various vegetations and an impressive pine in the foreground with spread-out branches. On the neck is a decoration of many birds and a flaming cloud decoration with a character in it. The vase is marked with a double circle on the bottom.

Have a look at the last two pictures for a reference. Page 133 of the book ‘Symbols on Chinese porcelain’ by Eva Ströber shows a plate with a similar scenery of Meng Haoran on a donkey and his servant walking with a prunus branch.

Height: 37.2 cm





















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