49# – 60# rare Hermès Scarf






49.Magnificent Hermès silk scarf, Romantic model

50.Hermès – BONSAI from 1991 – Scarf

51.Hermes vintage – Scarf

52.This Hermes silk scarf titled Le Mors






53.This Hermès scarf Chasse en Inde was designed in 1986 by Michel Duchene

54.Hermès – Hermes raro ‘Au fil de là soie ’ nuovo con box originale etichetta composizione Hermes – Scarf

55.Hermés carré OMBRELLES designed by H. De Watrigant – NUOVO, in confezione originale – Scarf

56.Hermes Maxi Twilly Cavalcadour – scarf







57.Hérmes Belle Chasse scarf

58.Hermès – Les Tuilieres by Jaoquim Metz – Scarf

59.This Hermès scarf Tsubas was designed in 1971 by Christiane Vazuelles.

60.Beautiful Hermès scarf Frontaux et Cocardes designed by Caty Latham. Wine red undertone with blue accents, 90x90cm, 100% silk with hand-rolled hem.

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