37# – 48# rare Hermès Scarf






37.Hermès – Hermes Brides de Gala Hugo Grygkar – Scarf

38.Hermès – Scarf

39.Hermès – foulard carre rêve d Australie – Scarf

40.Rare and Magnificent Hermès cotton scarf, Ledoux Museum model,







41.Magnificent Hermès scarf, excellent condition, hardly worn, elegant and chic

42.Hermès – peu importe le flacon – Hair accessory

43.Hermès – Plissé – Scarf

44.Magnificent Hermès silk scarf, souvenir model from Paris







45.Hermès Paris scarf

46.Hermès – Hermes scarf Cannes et Pommeaux. Carre’90 – Scarf

47.Magnificent Hermès silk scarf, Palefroi de la Perrière model

48.Magnificent Hermès silk scarf, Dies et hore model

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