is an extraordinary Chinese lime-green monochrome glazed porcelain bottle vase. This vase is part of an important estate collection being offered this week. This vase is an astonishing and I believe important example. The vase has a Yongzheng imperial base mark and I believe may be of the period. I cannot find another example like this which is why I am being extra cautious. In my opinion this vase is Yongzheng mark & period. However, I will ultimately let you decide for yourself and bid accordingly. I am told there is only a few examples known of the period in this very rare and beautiful lime-green glaze. It is well worth looking into this vase and seeing if you can find other examples of Yongzheng porcelain in lime-green. I am told this vase was featured in a magazine years ago that commented this vase was an exceptionally rare and highly important example with an extremely rare and lustrous lime-green glaze.

The vase is superbly and thinly potted throughout with a noticeable lightness compared to other similar size vases I have handled. The glaze is absolutely perfect throughout the vase with absolutely no imperfections or color variations. The vase measures 8 1/4 inches tall, by 5 inches wide. The vase on stand measures 9 3/4 inches tall. The hardwood stand is also superbly carved and very old likely made within an imperial workshop by the quality. The stand is missing a side inlaid piece as seen. I very much doubt you will see another example like this again any time soon, mostly being offered without reserve. A truly stunning example.






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