large 18th century Chinese celadon glazed porcelain vase. This vase is an astonishing example that I believe many would consider an important find. This vase is part of an important estate collection being offered that was brought to Canada in the year 1933 and has been with the same family ever since.

This vase shows many signs of its early age inside and out and would date from the earlier 18th century period, Yongzheng to very early Qianlong. The footrim that is perfectly designed, also perfectly matches what should be found on large vases of this period. The extra work on the stepped-out footrim is also another indication of several. It was fashionable at the time to make these extra-large examples for palace use. The vase has a superb and very light green celadon glaze that is consistent throughout the vase. The vase has some of the most amazing and finely detailed figural handles I have personally ever seen. The vase is estate fresh and does need a cleaning but we never like to touch anything like this. The vase has some extremely minor kiln glaze imperfections and is overall in very fine original condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. About as find of condition as one could ever hope to find a large estate fresh example like this in. I have also closely inspected this vase under UV black light that reveals absolutely no damage or repairs of any kind.

The vase measures an impressive 22 inches tall, by 14 inches wide. The vase on stand measures 26 inches tall. The vase came from the estate with this antique lion figural stand that would not be original but I wanted to show the vase as it was in the estate.

I did find a Yongzheng marked vase that sold around 15 years ago as seen that has a very similar glaze, form, size, and ribbed decor with no handles that sold for a big amount even back then. I have read that in the earlier 18th century, Yongzheng to early Qianlong it was quite common to not mark extra-large size examples upwards of 20 inches like this. Some did get marked others (like this) did not. Really what are people paying for, an incredible and important imperial example from the period, or a mark to the base? It is a total disconnect in value that I believe in the future with less and less examples such as this being discovered this value gap will get closer together. I believe this vase is one mark away from being worth several million dollars. I really have no idea what this vase is worth, I am sure it is an extremely rare find. In upwards of 40 years searching for such treasures I have never seen another example like this







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