fine and very rare 18th century Chinese Qianlong sacrificial blue glaze & underglazed white-slip enamel decorated porcelain bottle vase. This vase is part of an important estate collection being offered that was brought to Canada in the year 1933 and have been with the same family ever since.

This vase is a truly beautiful quality example and is an authentic 18th century vase. You do see some later Qianlong to earlier 19th century white-slip decorated examples, mainly garden seats. Those examples do not have near the superb qualities of this vase, indicating the vase was likely made in the earlier Qianlong close to or possibly even Yongzheng period. The vase has a beautiful and rich sacrificial blue glaze that is perfectly consistent throughout the vase. The vase has an original black-glazed upper rim, and white glazed vase interior and base. The vases white-slip decoration is the finest I have personally seen. The vase has a very nice and unique squat bottle form.

The vase could use a light cleaning and is otherwise in very fine condition with no chips, cracks, or repairs. About as fine of condition as one could ever hope to find an example of this early age in. I have also closely inspected this vase under UV black light that reveals absolutely no damage or repairs of any kind. The vase is a nice size example to display measuring 12 inches tall, by 8 inches wide. The vase stands 13 1/2 inches tall including the stand. I have tried to find a comparable example to this vase and I could not, leading me to believe this is a very rare find.







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