exceptionally fine and very rare 18th century Chinese Imperial Qianlong Mark & Period famille rose covered bowl. This bowl is fully guaranteed to be a Qianlong mark & period .

The bowl is superbly and ornately decorated both to the exterior, and just as nice to the interior of the lid and inner bowl. The bowl also features an extremely rare cut-out or anhua hidden porcelain decor design. I have included a couple pictures taken with light to show this amazing and very rarity found design. I am told there were extremely few examples like this ever made with even fewer still known to exist today. I am told this technique was considered a very important achievement of the period and that only the highest skilled Imperial artists could achieve and kiln such examples with success. It is also very nice to find the bowl with its original matching lid like this. The lid also fits perfectly and I am confident was created by the same period artist being an original set.

The bowl could use a light clean and shows minor enamel wear and a very small original kiln line mark at the top lid rim. The bowl and cover are otherwise in very fine condition for their early age with no chips, cracks, or repairs. About as fine of condition as one could hope to find an unaltered and un-restored estate fresh example like this in. I have also closely inspected the bowl and lid under UV black light that reveals absolutely no damage or repairs of any kind. The bowl measures 4 1/2 inches wide, by 2 1/8 inches tall. The bowl with cover measures 3 1/2 inches tall.

Provenance: This bowl has been in the family’s collection since the 1970s. I am told this bowl was part of an important and noted earlier 1900s collection that was on loan to the Royal Ontario Museum for several years. Due to the collector passing the collection was given back the family in the 1970s. This is the information I was told, and I believe it to be absolutely correct. I believe there is a very good chance old pictures could be found of this bowl in the museum. It is also very likely that this bowl has also been documented or published at some point. Another important note is the side collection inventory numbers. I believe both the ROM may be able to use this number to find documentation on this bowl. I also believe that high-end collectors and connoisseurs may recognize this inventory numbers (N.78, 910.65.39A) as being from a certain known collection.












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