Very Rare, 5 Chinese Porcelain Scholar Pieces /Box, Wang Yating, Early 20th C

fine set of porcelain scholar pieces, signed as Wang Yating.  Dates to the early 20th C, Republic period. Very hard to find such a set still together in its original box. Each one is finely painted with landscape and a corresponding poem to the scene, and signed by Wang Yachen. The base bearing a red seven-character mark. All in the original wood box and cover, with five stands.

Size without standTwo vases: 14cm (5.5 in) H;
Ink Box: 7cm (2.75 in) Diameter;
Water pot: 6.3cm (2.5 in) Diameter, 5cm (2in) H;
Brush plate: 9.5cm (3.75in) Diameter.























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