Chinese Porcelain Flambe Bottle Vase Marked 景德镇

Truncated bottle shaped vase with violet-blue flambé glaze with streaks and flashes of red. Glaze thins to violet red and then to brownish-white at the mouth. Unglazed foot rim shows white, fine-textured biscuit. Base is dressed with caramel colored glaze.  ‘Orange peel’ surface and overall craquelure. Heavy for its size. Incised handwritten characters to base translate as “Jingdezhen China.” Age unknown but my guess is early to mid 20th century. Pottery has been produced in Jingdezhen for over a thousand years. From the Ming dynasty onward, large quantities of Imperial porcelain were made in the kilns of Jingdezhen.

Height: aprox. 7″.









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