109# – 120# rare Hermès Scarf






109.Very pretty Hermès silk scarf entitled CAMAILS, designed by the most famous artist at Hermès, Françoise de la Perrière in 1974. The first edition in 1948. Reissued in 2012 and 2014. Hand rolled

110.This Hermes silk scarfe titled Chevaux De Trait by Laurence Thioune is in a wonderful condition with just a few light runs being seen in some areas

111.Rare Hermes scarf entitled ‘L’OCEAN’ designed by Philippe Ledoux back in 1959, unique edition

112.Hermes scarf carré ‘Voitures Paniers’ designed by Julie Abadie, I propose this 1990 edition from my Hermes accessories collection.






113.Hermès – Nouvelle Caledonie – Scarf

114.power of colours vintage theme by ledoux hermes – scarf

115.Hermès – Hermes RD – Scarf

116.Hermes Paris Caribbean scarf






117.Hermès – Scarf – The Mythiques Phoenix print represents a bird of paradise in all its colors.

118.Hermès Paris Diane Theme scarf

119. vintage Hermes foulard in excellent condition with virtually no signs of wear – scarf

120.beautiful scarf HERMÈS carré in pure silk

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