1# – 12# Loro Piana® ( Exclusive Men’s Clothing )






1.Horsey Man Coat with removable hood Loro Piana Made in Italy. Made for the Italian team for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and reproduced in a limited series. Brown leather collar.

2.Cashmere sweater with round neckline made by LORO PIANA

3.Beautiful Loro Piana shirt

4.Loro piana, magnificent double breasted jacket, heavy cotton







5.Loro Piana men’s jumper with zipped neck

6.This down jacket is the fairest borrowing from the Loro Piana lifestyle

7.Loro Piana navy blue cashmere quilted gilet vest with two front pockets

8. Loro Piana Flawless Jacket. Reversible jacket to be worn on both sides. Has a hood.







9.Beautiful men’s jacket by Loro Piana made entirely of 100% Cashmere

10.Loro Piana blazer

11.Loro Piana blazer

12.Loro Piana Down jacket


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