Gilded silver silver and enamel caddy from China, of fine quality, in the middle of the 20th century. High quality caddy, made of solid silver and gold plated, filigree, with hexagonal design, lobed, with finely applied enamel, turquoise cabochon decoration. The lobed removable lid was poked centrally with a turquoise cabochon. The filigree with lobed design works with the gilded silver body, with a beautifully executed high colored enamel work, gouge spikes, all set with random crowns and turquoise cabochon. The interior with a very polished gold finish.

Impressed stamped base “SILVER” and has been tested to contain 900-950% silver purity.

Weight: 402 gr Height: 13.5 cm Width: 8 cm Depth: 8.5 cm China v. 1950

NO.0033 NFT card / Exclusive Chinese Art collection

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