Well rendered and carved in the round as an
open lotus flanked by a small cluster of flowers
and pods to one side, the underside revealing
a network of twisting branches, length 4.5” — 11.5 cm.


Aloeswood (latin aquilaria agallochaor,
Chinese chenxiangmu) is the mould-infected
resin found in the evergreen aquilaria tree
(Chinese enxiang mu). This genus is found
throughout South East Asia and its heartwood
has a pale, light tone. Once infected with the
fungus, the heartwood produces a dark and
dense resin with an aromatic scent. It is this
precious resinous wood that is treasured
around the world, particularly in China, Japan
and Tibet. Not many carvings of aloeswood
like the present example have survived due to
the soft and perishable nature of the material.

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