25# – 36# Figures / Sculptures ( Exclusive chinese art )






25.A soapstone figure of Li Tieguai, 17th – 18th century

26.A straw and amber-glazed pottery figure of a horse, Tang dynasty

27.An unusual ‘tortoise and beast’ miniature glazed pottery oil lamp

28.A rare pair of agate pendants, Eastern Zhou dynasty







29.A glass ‘mythical beast’ seal and an archaistic jade ‘bird’ pendant, Han dynasty and later

30.A ‘Dehua’ figure of a seated Luohan, Qing dynasty, 17th – 18th century

31.Three ‘Dehua’ wares, Qing dynasty

32.A ‘Dehua’ ‘immortals’ group, Late Qing dynasty – Republic period






33.A pair of biscuit ‘immortality’ groups, Republic period

34.A rock crystal ‘mythical beasts’ group, Qing dynasty, 18th century

35.A gilt-lacquered wood seated figure of a Luohan and stand, Ming dynasty

36.An agate carving of the Hehe Erxian, Late Qing dynasty


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