is an amazing and very large 18th to 19th century Chinese star gods kesi silk panel. This panel is part of an important estate collection that was brought to Canada in 1933 and has been with the same family’s collection ever since.

This panel is an astonishing find that has amazing visual appeal. The panel is completely hand made with close to life-size star god immortal figures. The silk work is incredible and very intricately done. The work includes gold & silver silk thread designs. This panel has been very well looked after showing some very minor imperfections as would be found on any legitimate example of this antique age. The panel is overall in very fine condition with no large damages, substantial losses, staining, holes, or repairs.

In my opinion about as fine of condition as one could ever hope to find an estate fresh example like this in. The panel is a very large and impressive example to display measuring 77 inches long, by 40 inches wide. I was able to find a similar small size panel that Christies sold in 2005 to show the great investment potential such a piece can have. I believe it could be some time before you have the opportunity to acquire another great example like this.









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