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Collection Note: When I first started studying and collecting Asian arts a few decades ago mainly only Qianlong pieces and the odd other very special example were bringing substantial amounts. I started to tell people to first buy good 19th century pieces, followed by Kangxi examples that were all grossly undervalued at the time. Then I noticed the opportunity for good quality Republic pieces, followed by Ming and Song ceramics. All of which have went up considerably in value since then, and in many cases Exponentially in value. Today, I believe the real investment opportunities can still be found with most Ming and Song ceramics. I believe the greatest opportunity presently lies with pre Song ceramics that are still greatly under-appreciated and undervalued. I believe this tread again is about to rapidly change within the next couple years. The big auctions have just starting to present some big numbers in this area. I believe this area is currently one of the best investment opportunities currently available. My track record of such predictions has been very good over the years, even far past my expectations of value in most cases. It is also important to note acquiring examples such as I am offering here from well-noted museum related collections commonly achieve substantially higher than others without any, or little historical provenance.

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