fine and rare Chinese carved hardwood and gold lacquered Buddha figure. This figure is a very interesting and unique antique example. The figure is a legitimate early example that has several very nice and intricately carved features. The figure is signed on the back side with a six-character Ming Xuande mark. I am not sure of the exact dating of this figure I am confident is saying it is 19th century or earlier. Most later examples you would find would not be as well carved or decorated, and would also be made of a lesser quality softwood. This example is of far superior quality than commonly found and is also carved of a heavy and very dense hardwood, possibly being Zitan. The lotus base is also amazing carved with finely detailed water spout base design.

The figure could use a light cleaning and shows some wear and minor imperfections and some shrinkage cracks to the wood, exactly what one would expect to see on a legitimate antique example. The figure is overall in fine estate fresh condition with no large loses or repairs as seen. The figure is a larger size example measuring 17 1/2 inches tall, by 8 inches wide, and 7 inches deep. The figure has a substantial hardwood weight of 4.58 kilograms, or around 10 pounds. This figure is one of the more unique and intriguing examples I have personally seen.
















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