antique Chinese gilt bronze Buddha figure. This figure is by far the finest bronze Buddha figure I have ever offered of personally seen. The Buddha is extremely well made and carved throughout with Imperial qualities. Being of this immense size I believe very few examples like this would have been made. The Buddha also has great provenance being originally purchased at Christies with its original tag. The collector has passed so I am not sure exactly how long ago it was, I am told a very substantial amount was paid for this Buddha at the time. I am told this Buddha could date far back as the later Ming dynasty period. To be perfectly safe for the auction I am selling this Buddha as 100 years old, or older.

The Buddha retains most of its original and authentic hand-chased ormolu gold gilding. The Buddha is superbly detailed throughout and even to the base robe that flows off the base. As you can see the Buddha show some wear and early patina to the un-gilt portions. The Buddha is otherwise in fine original condition with no damage, missing pieces, or repairs. I also believe the base has never been removed or altered. When I lightly tap on the base it sounds like the interior could still have offerings inside seeing it does not have a “hollow” sound. I am told important offerings and early Buddhist relics would have commonly been placed inside such Buddhas. I obviously cannot guarantee this but in my opinion there is a very good chance this example has never been looted to its interior which is really nice and I am sure an important aspect to many.

The Buddha is an impressive large size and in an amazing and powerful example to display giving off a beautiful positive energy when placed in a room measuring 24 inches tall, by 16 inches wide, and 14 inches deep at the base. The Buddha weights a substantial 32.6 kilograms, or around 72 pounds.
















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