13# – 24# Figures / Sculptures ( Buddhism )






13.A copper alloy figure depicting Manjushri, Western Himalayas, circa 13th century

14.Prajnaparamita statue fine art (spiritual guide) – Bronze – exeptional quality – Nepal – Late 20th century

15.20-headed Buddha total protector – Bronze – Bhutan – Late 20th century

16.Singing bowl – Gilt bronze – huge full carved Padmasambhava – Guru Rinpoche Tibetan bowl, top quality – Nepal – Late 20th century







17.White Tara – giant size 40 cm – real gilded – Gilt bronze – Tibet – Late 20th century

18.Statue – Gilt bronze, Turquoise – Green Tara – 多羅菩薩 Jewelled, 24k Gold Gilt remnants – Sino Tibetan – Late 20th century

19.very large bronze Buddha Menla (Medicine Buddha) – Bronze – Mooie detail afwerking – Nepal – Late 20th century

20.Very old bronze Buddha dating from the 15th century, Laos (Probably in the area around Lanna, Thailand)






21.Large bronze Buddha statue from Bhutan – Bronze – Mooie detail afwerking H 62cm – W 9kg – Bhutan – Late 20th century

22.A gilt copper alloy figure of seated Buddha, Tibet, Pala revival, 18th century

23.A gilt copper alloy figure of Ekadashamukha Lokeshvara, Qing dynasty, 18th century

24.A gilt copper alloy figure of standing Tara, Tibet, Pala revival, 18th – 19th century


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