fine antique Chinese bronze Buddha figure. His Buddha figure is a fine old example that I am told would date tot eh Ming dynasty period. The Buddha has a nice design and some fine details mainly to the face. The Buddha retains much of its gold gilding, which was likely redone over the years with this present gilding likely being done in the 19th century. The Buddha came from the estate with this lotus stand that displays the Buddha nicely.

As you can see the Buddha has a large indent the back side that could likely be hammered out if desired. The Buddha also has a portion missing from the side base commonly found on antiques examples like this and other imperfections throughout and is being sold “as is”. For the Buddha’s rarity I believe it should still be a desirable find and the Buddha displays very nicely still as seen. Although some rim losses these specially made antique hardwood lotus stands are also quite hard to find so that alone is a nice addition to the Buddha. The Buddha displays very nicely measuring 9 inches tall, by 5 1/2 inches wide, and 4 1/2 inches deep. The Buddha figure on lotus stand measures 11 inches tall. The Buddha figure itself has a bronze weight of 1764 grams, or around 3.8 pounds.











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